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About Us

Safety and Quality is Our Main Concern

What is more important, saving a few dollars now on electrical work and permits or your safety and Return On Investment (ROI)? In these times it's smart to save money when you can; however you and your family only have one life. Homeowners, your buddy, or anyone who is not a New Jersey Licensed Electrician should not provide you with electrical work. Only a qualified licensed, bonded and insured New Jersey Electrician who has gone through years of training and is updated on the latest electrical codes should provide you with electrical work. This way you and your family can sleep at night feeling safe. 


Your relationship with your Electrician has to be built on trust Joseph Spina of SPINA ELECTRIC will provide you with that trust. We are a licensed, bonded and insured New Jersey electrical contracting business owned by a Master Electrician.  We offer quality electrical repair, maintenance, new construction, and renovations. Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial projects we can help. We reduce your stress by providing estimates, filing permits, and diagnostic/troubleshooting and reliable service. Our Electrician has 40 years of experience we guarantee your satisfaction and that the work is complete.  Our Electrician will get the job done right and that's a promise.

All work is done according to the Latest National Electrical Code

Need Our Assistance? We Can Help.
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